About TL Cafe

Welcome to TL Cafe.  I’m Niecy La Porta and I created this site for my fellow educators.  Starting this website was a little scary and intimidating, but I’ve always wanted a way to reach more teachers and I’m hoping this is the way to do it.

Part of my motivation in finally creating this site was the work I just completed for my masters in LIS (Library and Information Science).  As a newly trained school media specialist I am inclined to bring tons of great information to everyone. As my 13 years as a high school English teacher, I know I have the experience and knowledge to help other educators in my content area and others.

I am in no way saying I know everything 😉  However, if I can help or create something that helps others in my field, I will  be more than thrilled.

Just so you have an idea about my credentials, here goes:

I have a BA in English literature with a minor in secondary education.  I have a MA in English literature and writing.  Both of those degrees were in obtained with the College of Staten Island (CUNY).  My most recent degree was from Rutgers University with an MS in Library and Information Science with a specialization in school media.  I have worked in Staten Island, NY at a NY public high school as a secondary education English teacher for the past 12 years.  I am NY City and NY State permanently certified with 7-12 English license. I will also be receiving my School Media Specialist certification in NY as well within the next few months.

Although my experience is in English, I believe I can assist all content areas with the work I completed in my LIS degree.  HOWEVER, that’s where you all come in 🙂  This is a site that isn’t about me, but everyone.  I want everyone to be able to have a place to collaborate, discuss, engage and learn because I know as a dedicated teachers, we just want what’s best for our students.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime. And most importantly, I welcome you and hope you enjoy TL Cafe!